Sports Management

Ryser Group offers the following player management services for professional golfers:

Sponsorship & Endorsements

We negotiate sponsorship and endorsement deals with sports brands, equipment manufacturers and third party corporates, along with managing the relationship with the sponsor or corporate partner

Contract Negotiation & Legal Advice

With the services of Ryser Group’s Legal division, we can provide you with expert legal advice and also draft and negotiate all commercial arrangements and sponsorship contracts on your behalf

Brand Licensing and Paid Appearances

We can manage and enhance your public image through PR, media training, brand licensing, promotional activities and paid appearances at corporate events, golf days and clinics

Player Representation

We can attend your business related meetings, email responses, conference calls and ongoing management of your relationships with sponsors, governing bodies and media

Tournament Starts and Scheduling

We aim to secure starts, invitations and sponsor’s exemptions on international Tours. We can also assist you with tournament scheduling and administration of entries, withdrawals, international visas and releases

Social Media

Assistance with website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and overall management of your personalised social media platforms to keep fans and sponsors up to date with your career and achievements

Touring and Travel Logistics

We can outsource all of your global touring logistical requirements such as airfares, accommodation, transport, courtesy cars and itineraries


We have a network of financial advisors on hand to provide support with accounting, tax and financial planning issues, investment advice and wealth management strategies